Hammer Crusher

Production Capacity: 10-3000t/h

Feeding Size: ≤1200mm

Application: coal, salt, gypsum, alums, brick, tile, limestone and etc. 

Function and Application

Hammer crusher also known as hammer crusher machine, is used to crush the mineral of a hard brittle material. The compressive strength of broken material is less than 150Mp, humidity is less than 15%. The hammer crusher machine can be divided into single-stage hammer crusher, efficient hammer crusher, impacting hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher.

Our hammer crushers are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional quality, reliability, and performance. Whether you are in mining, construction, or recycling, our hammer crushers are the perfect solution to enhance your operations and boost productivity.

Exceptional Durability


Our hammer crushers are constructed with high-grade materials, ensuring robust performance even in the toughest environments. The heavy-duty design and reinforced structure provide long-lasting durability, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

Equipped with advanced technology, our hammer crushers achieve high crushing efficiency and throughput. The innovative design allows for precise control of the crushing process, ensuring uniform particle size and superior product quality. With a high crushing ratio, our crushers convert large chunks of material into fine, manageable pieces with ease.

Technical Parameter

NameModelSPCParametersCapacity (t/h)Motor power(KW)Weight (t)Size
Hammer crusherPC-64φ600ⅹ400Charge<100mm, discharge<15mm12-1518.51.31935ⅹ110ⅹ1122
Hammer crusherPC-86Φ800ⅹ600Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm18-24552.52523ⅹ1525ⅹ1020
Hammer crusherPC-0808Φ800ⅹ800Charge<50mm, discharge<5mm15-20555.181590ⅹ1935ⅹ1390
Hammer crusherPC-108Φ1000ⅹ800Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm20-501106.53514ⅹ2230ⅹ1515
Hammer crusherPC-1010Φ1000ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<13mm40-601157.62230ⅹ2220ⅹ1515
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-1210Φ1250ⅹ1000Charge<200mm, discharge<10mm
Rotor speed: 730r/min
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-1412Φ1400ⅹ1200Charge<250mm, discharge<20mm
Rotor speed: 540r/min
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-1616Φ1600ⅹ1600Charge<800mm, discharge<20mm
Rotor speed: 550r/min
Impacting hammer crusherPFC-2018Φ2000ⅹ1800Charge<800mm, discharge<25mm
Rotor speed: 551r/min
Single-stage hammer crusherTPCD-1412Φ14200ⅹ1200Charge<600ⅹ600ⅹ900mm, discharge<25mm
(residue on sieve:10%)
Single-stage hammer crusherTPCD-1616Φ1650ⅹ1640Charge≤800mm, discharge<25mm 95%160-220315+5.5413420ⅹ3300ⅹ3230
Single-stage hammer crusherTPCD-2022Φ2000ⅹ2200Charge<1500mm. discharge<25mm,
spindle speed: 370r/min

Prodect Details

Versatile Applications
Our hammer crushers are versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, including limestone, coal, gypsum, and more. This adaptability makes them ideal for various industries such as mining, cement, construction, and recycling. Whether you need primary, secondary, or tertiary crushing, our hammer crushers deliver consistent and reliable performance.

– **Capacity**: Available in various models to suit different production needs.
– **Feed Size**: Large feed opening to accommodate various material sizes.
– **Output Size**: Adjustable to achieve desired product specifications.
– **Motor Power**: High-efficiency motors providing powerful crushing force.
– **Construction**: Heavy-duty construction with wear-resistant components for extended service life.

Our Strengths

    1. Exceptional Production Capacity:

      • Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a skilled workforce, our factory boasts an impressive production capacity. We can fulfill large orders efficiently without compromising on quality.
    2. Guaranteed Quality:

      • Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. From the selection of raw materials to the final inspection, stringent quality control measures are implemented at every stage of production to ensure that our hammer crusher meet the highest standards.
    3. Global Export Reach:

      • We take pride in our ability to serve customers worldwide. With a robust export network, our products reach various countries across continents, establishing our reputation as a trusted supplier on the global stage.
    4. Customization Options:

      • Recognizing that every client has unique requirements, we offer customization options to tailor our hammer crusher to suit specific applications. Whether it’s size, material, or design specifications, we work closely with our clients to deliver personalized solutions.

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